The digital economy is transforming the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. The Canadian adoption of digital technologies is growing rapidly, with 86 percent of Canadians using the internet regularly. According to the recent IBM Digital Analytics report, Canadian digital adoption is accelerating at a faster pace than the adoption of other digital technologies. In Budget 2021, the Government of Canada announced the $4 billion Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to help get your business online, give your e-commerce presence a boost or help digitalize your business’s operations.

What is the purpose of the CDAP?

The program is designed to encourage the adoption of digital technologies, including the use of digital services, by Canadian businesses and consumers. The goal is to promote the widespread uptake of digital technologies among Canadian businesses and consumers. The program supports businesses that want to adopt digital technologies and service providers that want to help them do so. The program also supports consumer education efforts designed to encourage Canadians to use digital technologies more widely.

What is the Canada Digital Media Partnership?

In February 2019, Industry and Agriculture and Agrifood Canada (IA) entered into a partnership to help the federal government achieve its goal of making Canada a more digital nation. The Canada Digital Media Partnership helps the federal government achieve its digital mandate through the Canada Digital Media Program. IA and its member companies have been working with the federal government to develop a funding model that is flexible and will work with the current funding environment. IA will also work with the federal government to establish guidelines and provide the government with a governance structure to support the operation of the program. IA will then administer the program and oversee the disbursement of funds.

How will CDAP work?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program supports organizations that want to help Canadian businesses adopt digital technologies. The program will allocate funds to two types of organizations: Canadian Digital Service Providers and Canadian Digital Marketplace Providers. Canadian Digital Service Providers are non-profit groups and not-for-profit groups that work with Canadian businesses to help them better understand and successfully adopt digital technologies. A minimum of 90 percent of the funds allocated to Canadian Digital Service Providers must go to the delivery of digital services. Canadian Digital Marketplace Providers are entities that facilitate the operation of digital services platforms in Canada. Allocating funds to Canadian Digital Marketplace Providers is at the discretion of the federal government.

How do digital services benefit businesses?

Businesses can benefit from digital services for a variety of reasons, including improved marketing, better search engine optimization, and more efficient payroll and human resources processes. Digital services can also help Canadian businesses address cybersecurity issues.

How do digital services benefit consumers?

Businesses can use digital services to engage customers more effectively and better meet their needs. Digital services can help businesses identify and address customer needs, monitor customer satisfaction, and improve marketing effectiveness. Digital services can also help consumers find what they are looking for online, save time, and enjoy a more secure online experience.

CDAP Bottom line

The Canada Digital Adoption Program is an important initiative that will help Canadian businesses learn more about the benefits of using digital technologies. It will also help Canadians better access the services they need online. 2815 Consulting can help you find a registered “Advisor” and make an application to secure a grant ranging from $2400 to $15,000. Make a request for more information here.