What is "Corporate Governance"?

About Our Team - Review Documents

The Documentation in support of proper Corporate Governance is more than filing your tax returns.  It is a historical record of what you do, why you do it and how successful you are at what you do; as well as demonstrating that you meet your legal requirements.  Is your minute book up to date?  Are your shareholder meeting minutes up to date?  Are all of your required filings up to date?  Is the Quality of your reporting sufficient to meet the demands of your growth and expansion?  Do you have published work place safety and HR policies in place? Are you PIPEDA and PIPA compliant?  Have you a written and up to date Business Plan?  Ever done a written SWOT analysis?  How often?

These are some examples of the documentation that make up proper Corporate Governance.  This was before the pandemic and the challenges of safely and appropriately re-opening your operations that now exist and need to be addressed and properly documented.  Additionally, your organization or industry may have unique requirements as well, which we can assist you in completing.  Regardless of the specific requirements, all of these documents can be requested and should be produced on demand.

Municipal, Provincial and Federal government agencies; your Bank; Insurance providers; Investors; Senior Shareholders; Major Client contracts; anything to do with the public equities market place; buying or selling a company or a significant portion of one and grant agencies are a few examples of the groups that can legally request your corporate documents.  The inability to produce the requested documents on demand can hamper the process you are involved in.

We will work with you to determine the specific documentation requirements for your Corporate Governance “book”.  Once defined and established we will train your team to easily maintain your records.

Services Provided:

  • Documentation Reviews and Completion
  • Shareholder Communications
  • Management and Staff Training