Operational Services

The Services listed below are the primary catalog of the overall Operational consulting services we provide. You only pay for the services agreed to. At 2815, our goal is to work with your Company on the effective implementation of your goals and vision. We work with your team members and management as well as relevant stake holders to bring your vision to its full potential. We train your team members on the components of the program. However, due to the nature of these services some clients find it easier to consult with us periodically. 


Services Provided:

  • Administrative Reports and Maintenance Tools
  • Budgeting Tools (organizational and departmental)
  • Cash Flow Management and Forecasting Tools
  • Grant and Government Program applications
  • Logistics Support
  • Management and Departmental Training
  • New Product/Technology Development and Release
  • Operational and Best Practices Audits, Reviews and Reports
  • Process Management and Engineering
  • Safety Programs
  • Sales and Marketing Plan Development and Tools
  • Training