Frequently Asked Questions

What are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)? 

The purpose of a FAQ is generally to provide information on frequent questions or concerns; however, the format is a useful means of organizing information. Text consisting of questions and their answers may thus be called a FAQ regardless of whether the questions are actually frequently asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Frequently Asked Questions – What do you mean by “multi-disciplinary approach”?

A: Your Company is more than the total of its pieces.  At 2815 we look at the entire organization to determine the underlying root challenges.  A specialist solution may not resolve an underlying challenge.  If you need 2 hours from an attorney, but also need an hour from an accountant to solve the same problem which turns out to need 10 hours from a programmer, how are you going to ensure that all parts of the job are completed properly and tie into your overall vision?  

Also, why pay an attorney (average rates of high 3 figures to low 4 figures per hour) to tell you to get a programmer?  2815 manages all parts of the process and is committed to a cost-effective solution that is focused on the goals and vision you have for your Company.  Once the resolution program is agreed to, we will then train your team on the maintenance and support of the program. 

Q: Frequently Asked Questions – You mention the importance of a Corporate Governance book.  Our organization is small, just how important is it really?

A: If you plan on growing or expanding, if you are incorporated or a registered non-profit, if you have more than one shareholder, or a bank line, or insurance, or employees (staffing threshold requirements vary by industry) a proper Corporate Governance record or “book” could be absolutely critical.

Q: Frequently Asked Questions – A number of places you reference “documentation”; beyond our financial reports why is this so important?

A: Outsiders only know your Company from the documents you have, the documentation’s ability to tell your story and the accuracy of your documentation.  If your documentation is not complete or does not clearly tell your story and vision, you can be undervaluing your Company. 

If your Company is ever challenged by some other group at any point, your documentation is proof of process and compliance.  Proper documentation can also improve or strengthen relationships with shareholders, bankers and the general business community.

Q: We have a good relationship with our local banker. Why do you say Finance and Banking are so important?

A: At 2815 our position is that every aspect of the operations of your Company must work to maximize every other aspect of the operations of your Company.  At its core, money is a tool.  An important tool, but just one of many in your toolbox.  Proactively managing this tool can save you fees and possibly increase your value.  This may lead to increased expansion funds or profits available within your Company (instead of getting funding from an external source and those related costs).

If your financial support/bank does not or cannot assist you in proactively managing this important tool or if they cannot recognize certain tangible assets you have (thereby devaluing your Company) or they haven’t reviewed their fee schedules for over a year, then perhaps you need to look for options to get the support you need for your vision.

Q: We have been discussing whether to purchase pre-made software or having a custom application built for us. Frequently Asked Question – are you able to provide direction in finding the best solution?

A: Part of the overall job of a consultant is to provide the best long-term solutions to your business. If we find that an “off the shelf” software package (or combined packages) does not meet 100% of your requirements, we have a development team on staff to help. This could be everything from the initial planning stages, to mock-ups, through to a ready-for-use final product. 

Our experienced staff work with everything from simple in-house apps, to marketable full-fledged applications, to gaming applications for both computers and mobile users.