Each year Canadian Small businesses do not take advantage of all of the financial opportunities in front of them.  That can lead to thousands of dollars per year in loss to an organization.  It isn’t that the organizations’ management is foolish, it is a specialized review that unearths these potentials.  We are specialists in this type of review.  WE CAN HELP!

At the start of the pandemic our clients were interested in how to survive the down turn.  Efficiencies, Savings measures, Grants and Rebates were the hot items on everyone’s mind.  Our reviews usually found significant opportunities, while not typical in one case out of the $90,000 that we identified, we were able to recapture $80,000.

As important as the recapturing of funds is, properly aligning your organization to the current market place is critical.

As part of our expansion, we are looking to attract potential new clients.  However, we’d like you to see the quality of the work and its benefit to your organization.

To that end, we are offering our two most popular reviews, SWOT Analysis and our PESTLE Analysis for a special rate through the end of October.

SWOT Analysis                                   $500

PESTLE Analysis                                 $1000

Larger firms would typically charge much more for these reports.  While you will be able to take whatever actions you elect, with whomever you select to assist you, once you’ve received your report, we are hoping that you would be interested in having us assist you in executing the actions you select to pursue.  Additionally, we will link your web or social media page to our site through the end of 2023.